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I had lunch at Food by Diego, Fairfax and Beverly.

It's a good place to go if you feel self-conscious about eating alone. It's never that crowded, and they have decent lunch specials. A few problems: The woman who cooks  also owns it and takes orders. She sometimes doesn't come over for my order and I have to scream it out. That's a problem eating alone. If it were a couple, they'd come over, but the schmuck eating alone isn't worth the energy to approach. And sometimes you don't get good service eating alone cause they figure the bill won't be as big, and so won't their tip. When the meal's over I need to leave. Eating with someone else you have more of a chance of getting the waiters attention, but alone it's harder for them to be in your periphery. 

DON'T eat here at night alone though! It's dark, with romantic dimly lit candles. I can't bury myself in a book when it's dark and I feel pathetic.  

I used to be able to get wi-fi from the Thai place next door. It's like the Louis CK bit:, something new you didn't know about yesterday is a necessity, but I like to feel connected and it's annoying I see they have wifi. It pops up but she won't give me the password. Come on, I'm a regular! And they won't bend giving a soup or something if it's not part of the special. Actually I'm better off without wifi at the moment. This guy wants to be my publicist for my book and keeps e-mailing me every second with insane ideas. 

"Dude, Dude, I got the angle! Sometimes when you're on different sets, or auditioning, they degrade you. They make you feel small! Bullies are big! They bully you! Jim Belushi can be a bully I heard! I can get you on the bully circuit, people who've been bullied! Yes, good idea, dude?!" 

and he looked into it. He  e-mailed again because he found out who's on the bully circuit trying to get me teamed up with these guys. He's bullying me with this bully thing.  

I have a photo I like better than the one this site comes with, but not sure how to get in there. At the Apple Store one-to-one lessons, some trainers are cool. But yesterday I had this woman who kept saying like a robot, "I am only able to assist with apple products. I know nothing about blogs." It was like she was a solider trained to say that over and over if she were captured. 
This might be a thing where I log the places I eat alone at. I'm at Coral Tree Cafe in Encino. It's not near where I live, but like most places I feel comfortable eating alone at, it doesn't matter so much what the food's like or where it is. It's mostly important if it's not too trendy or depressing and I hate waitress service. I need the freedom to bolt when I'm done. And I hate when they come up to me when I'm chewing and ask how it is very ten seconds, but then when you want something or your check, they're nowhere to be found.  Also what matters is if the place has a low-stress parking lot, and isn't usually that crowded. Tonight there's some charity event and it's crowded so I'll leave. I suppose I log the places I feel comfortable eating alone at to share with others, and feel I have a mission. I saw this guy a few years older than me the other night eating alone, and I felt bad for the poor lonely guy. But I was alone, but that was different. I had a project! I had my laptop! It's like feeling bad you see someone at a porno store when you're there. (Before Internet reference) 
I may travel for the first time in awhile so I'm hoping others tell me places in their city that's good for eating alone at. There's a chapter about eating alone in my book, "Maybe We'll have You Back". It's coming out late April I think. Lots of people when I tell them I have a book, they say, "Self Published, right? It's just self published?" hoping whatever news I have is something that's not that good and for them to be envious about. When I say no, that in fact it's a real publisher, I can see the crushed look on their face. They don't want other people doing good. They can't hide that look, so they try to recover saying, "But I hear you don't make that much from a book unless you're famous or Stephen KIng, right?" I told this guy this other one was saying, "Self Published, right?" and he said, "So what it's self published? That's still a lot of work you did!" and I tried correcting him that it's not self published, but he didn't want to hear it. "Why does he have to put down it's self published? You still have an accomplishment." He just didn't want to hear it wasn't self published. Okay people are yelling and laughing. Gotta leave. Normally this is a cool low-key place for eating alone 
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