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I had lunch at Food by Diego, Fairfax and Beverly.

It's a good place to go if you feel self-conscious about eating alone. It's never that crowded, and they have decent lunch specials. A few problems: The woman who cooks  also owns it and takes orders. She sometimes doesn't come over for my order and I have to scream it out. That's a problem eating alone. If it were a couple, they'd come over, but the schmuck eating alone isn't worth the energy to approach. And sometimes you don't get good service eating alone cause they figure the bill won't be as big, and so won't their tip. When the meal's over I need to leave. Eating with someone else you have more of a chance of getting the waiters attention, but alone it's harder for them to be in your periphery. 

DON'T eat here at night alone though! It's dark, with romantic dimly lit candles. I can't bury myself in a book when it's dark and I feel pathetic.  

I used to be able to get wi-fi from the Thai place next door. It's like the Louis CK bit:, something new you didn't know about yesterday is a necessity, but I like to feel connected and it's annoying I see they have wifi. It pops up but she won't give me the password. Come on, I'm a regular! And they won't bend giving a soup or something if it's not part of the special. Actually I'm better off without wifi at the moment. This guy wants to be my publicist for my book and keeps e-mailing me every second with insane ideas. 

"Dude, Dude, I got the angle! Sometimes when you're on different sets, or auditioning, they degrade you. They make you feel small! Bullies are big! They bully you! Jim Belushi can be a bully I heard! I can get you on the bully circuit, people who've been bullied! Yes, good idea, dude?!" 

and he looked into it. He  e-mailed again because he found out who's on the bully circuit trying to get me teamed up with these guys. He's bullying me with this bully thing.  

I have a photo I like better than the one this site comes with, but not sure how to get in there. At the Apple Store one-to-one lessons, some trainers are cool. But yesterday I had this woman who kept saying like a robot, "I am only able to assist with apple products. I know nothing about blogs." It was like she was a solider trained to say that over and over if she were captured. 
4/13/2013 01:25:34 pm

Still can't make myself eat alone. Movies are easy. I'm there to see a film, it's dark, staring straight ahead. In a restaurant peoples eyes wander the room and land on the person alone, staring at their phone rolling the napkin into little balls. Love the book so far. Picked it up on Kindle Friday.

Tyler Perry
2/8/2014 04:33:19 am

Dear Fred,

--- Are you still accepting mail (your book) to autograph?
--- If yes, may I send you (along with SASE) the hardcover for your autograph (rather than the book jacket)?

I've downloaded approximately 15 podcasts (in which you've appeared as a guest) --- and cherish each one for your humor, authenticity, and unique outlook on life. I hope you stay strong.

6/1/2014 07:43:44 am

I've just read your book (Maybe We'll Have You Back) and wanted to make two comments:

1. I enjoyed it.

2. In answer to the question of whether there are any multi-year perennial guest stars who eventually made it big as a regular on a show, two words: Lisa Edelstein. Before House, I saw her pop up on loads of things, some dramas (THE WEST WING), but also sitcoms (MAD ABOUT YOU springs to mind). So: you never know.


1/20/2015 08:23:11 am

Love you as cousin Gerard. You are a gem. So funny.

10/2/2015 03:44:07 pm

I heard you on WTF. Always enjoyed your work. Good to see you podcasting, I look forward to listening.

rich ernest
4/12/2017 11:23:41 am

I read your book awhile back you have the " It" factor.You should have been cast more on t.v. than the tripe actors I see on now.You should give Hank Azaria a call and see if you can get a part on Brookmire.You are so funny,thanks for the great book.


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