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More experimenting with this blog. Still confused
3/10/2013 06:28:27 am

This is a test

8/24/2014 05:01:33 pm

Hello Fred, so this is your first blog post?
Well have a laugh and go over and visit mine of course there, I am known as DragonSpirit! LOL. Ah you are wondering if you know me, sort of, British-Jewish exotic looking... :) met at the library i SO , Elle was going to get your book for me! Get in touch, still working on the sitcom Idea (ADAM) you are definitely going to be the neighbor, cannot imagine anyone else as the co-star now, since you are so good. Thought Elle, can be the, on again off again girlfriend.. Writing lots of Sci-Fi. Spoke to Dan F. about you last week. Cheers mate... get back here, and write something LOL
Kindest regards,
Lady M. aka
Kind regards,
Pop in for a visit and leave me a hello!
Lóng de jingshén


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